Solar panels on the roof of the home.

Millions of Australian homeowners have chosen to enjoy the benefits of solar power. Upgrading to solar power for your home can be exciting yet also overwhelming. Our goal is to make your switch to solar as easy and seamless as possible.

In this blog, we’ll cover the top questions to ask yourself before upgrading to solar power to avoid common solar mistakes.


Top 10 Solar Mistakes to Avoid


1. Do You Know Your Energy Needs?

Your energy needs will be a key factor in determining the ideal solar system size for your property.

To determine the ideal solar power system size for your property, consider:

  • Your home’s dimensions
  • Your budget
  • Your long-term plans
  • Your average energy use (check your most recent electrical bill and take note of how many kilowatt-hours you have consumed over the last four quarters)

If you aren’t sure about your exact energy usage, we’ve got you covered. We can perform a free, accurate energy assessment of your home or business to determine the ideal solar system size for your property.


2. Have You Considered Your Future Energy Needs?

When determining the ideal solar setup for your home, it is also important to consider future energy needs. A solar system for your home can last up to 25 years, making it important to consider questions such as:

  • Are you planning to expand your family?
  • Are you planning to add on to your home?
  • Can your system be expanded and connected to battery storage?


3. Are You Waiting For Solar Batteries To Get Cheaper?

One of the most common solar mistakes is waiting to go solar until batteries are cheaper.

While it may be tempting to wait for solar batteries to get cheaper, the different incentives and rebates make now the best time to install a solar system in Australia.

Although solar batteries may get cheaper, buyback schemes and solar rebates are subject to change and may not be as financially beneficial in the future.


4. Have You Researched Different Solar Installers?

Many of us perform extensive research when purchasing a home or car. The same should be true when investing in a solar system. An experienced solar installer is crucial for ensuring a long-lasting solar setup that runs as it should.

Take time to research different installers, read reviews, and contact any companies you are interested in. Consider how many years of experience they have, how willing they are to answer your questions, and how promptly they get back to you.

The biggest red flag to watch for when selecting an installer is if they insist your solar panel system will require yearly maintenance. While solar panels do require cleaning once a year, the system itself should be maintenance-free for several years.

At Powertex Advantage, we are WA’s locally owned and operated full-service provider of premier solar power solutions, including high-quality installation. You can rest easy knowing we have years and years of experience and a genuine commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

We stand behind all of our high-quality solar products and continue to provide unmatched service even after the installation process is complete.


5. What Are the Consumer Protection Laws in Australia?

As an Australian consumer, did you know the law protects you? As a homeowner, you are entitled to a full warranty on your solar inverter and solar panels. As long as you adhere to the installer’s and manufacturer’s instructions, you are protected under the laws in Australia.

Our solar experts offer continuing support, including maintenance and checkups to ensure your solar system is working optimally. We’ll also help educate you on the full warranty on your solar panels and the different consumer protection laws in Australia.

Solar panels on suburban homes.


6. Are You Aware of the Different Solar Rebates for Australians?

Solar power is an effective way to harness the power of the sun and significantly reduce your energy bills. However, along with the savings you’ll enjoy from producing your energy, the Australian government offers various solar rebates.

When you purchase and install solar power for your home, various rebates can be used to pay off your solar investment. The rebate system can be complicated and many homeowners fail to take advantage of the solar rebates in Australia.

Homeowner eligibility for solar incentives is dependent on a variety of factors, including purpose, solar panel design, location, and more. We’re experts on the different solar rebates in Australia and can help you take full advantage of the different paybacks.


7. Are You Worried Your Roof Orientation Does Not Support Solar Panels?

Can you put solar panels in a shady area?

Most people assume the answer to this question is a clear “no”. However, this is a common myth and does not need to stop your ability to switch to solar.

While a south-facing, sunny roof is ideal, advancements in the design, engineering, and quality of solar panels have opened up new options in the last few years.

Whether your roof has some surrounding shade or is not oriented in the best direction, we can help you determine the most efficient solar setup for your unique property.


8. Do You Understand the Warranty on Your Solar System?

Solar panel systems include various warranties, leaving some customers confused. We’ll explain everything clearly and answer any questions you have. The different parts of the solar system will have their specific warranty.

Good solar system warranties include:

  • A 5-year workmanship warranty
  • A 10-year warranty on the solar panels
  • A 10-year warranty on the inverter

When considering a warranty, be sure it is based in Australia.


9. Are You Prioritising Cost Over Quality?

Many Australians have made the mistake of thinking a cheaper, smaller system would be the best way to go.

However, low-quality solar panels or the wrong size solar system for your energy needs can end up costing you money in the long run.


10. Are You Aware of the Necessary Solar Permits and Certifications?

Knowing the restrictions in your areas and obtaining the necessary solar permits will ensure the installation and overall project goes smoothly. We handle all the paperwork and research, along with obtaining all the permits for your area, to make sure no detail is left out.

Solar panel installation.


Want to Learn More About Switching to Solar for your Home or Business?

We hope you found our top solar tips to avoid common solar mistakes helpfully. From the initial stage of research to design to installation and through years of maintenance, our team of solar experts is here to help.

Whether you are interested in residential or commercial solar power solutions, our team can determine the ideal setup for your location, budget, and energy needs. We invite you to contact us with any questions or to schedule a free energy assessment of your residential or commercial property.