hybrid battery storage with tesla powerwall installed on modern residential property

Hybrid Battery Storage

Reduce Your Power Bills

Residential Solar hybrid battery storage systems are an excellent and efficient way of storing the energy that would normally be passed onto the utility by grid tie solar systems. Most consumers buy electricity from their retailer for 25 – 30 cents/kWh.

Harnessing this energy before it leaves your home and storing it in batteries makes sense, it can be used during non sunlight hours. The average electricity consumption per households 15 – 30kWh per day. Battery storage systems now have the capability of producing cost effective battery solutions that have  potential of reducing your power bills to zero.


Energy consumers now have control and capacity of their energy usage thanks to innovative battery solar storage system technology. Taking advantage of smart meter tariffs offered by energy retailers such as Synergy can save significant energy costs. Energy consumer can now utilise batteries and take advantage of peak and off peak tariffs, as shown in the above graph.


Contact us to discuss your options. We can complete a free site assessment and load study report where we will temporarily install power data loggers to your electrical supply over a 48 hour period, which will help us analyse your load shift patterns and help to provide a solution, tailored to your requirements.

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Going Solar Today

Whether your thinking of going solar or you are an existing solar customer,
Powertex can assist you with utilising Solar hybrid battery storage systems.

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