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About Powertex

We are WA’s locally owned and operated full-service provider of premier solar power solutions. We’re here to help get your property or business set up with an affordable solar package.

From design to installation to maintenance, we take care of you every step of the way. We ensure a smooth, affordable transition to solar power for homeowners and businesses throughout Perth, North and South-West regions of WA.

# Solar Power Solutions

Powertex Solar Power Solutions

The sun provides a limitless supply of energy and our experienced team at Powertex is here to help you harness this solar power for solutions tailored for your home or business. Our significant resources and industry knowledge allows us to select the highest quality solar power solution, based on your individual needs.


Commercial Solar

Reduce your reliance on the electricity grid, reduce business overhead, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your business's reputation with premium quality solar power solutions at a competitive price.


Off-Grid Solar

Interested in off-the-grid living? With over a decade of design, building, and installation experience for off-the-grid living power systems across Western Australia, we can help you run your home 100% off-grid.


Residential Solar

Powertex has been a leading full-service residential solar provider in Perth and the South West for over a decade, making it easy and affordable for homeowners to switch to solar power. Powertex offers comprehensive solar power solutions, including system design, installation, and maintenance.

# Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage systems are an efficient way to store excess power generated by your solar panels. Use your storage battery system to store backup power for your home or business or sell excess energy back to the grid at a premium rate. We offer premium solar battery storage systems and can help you determine the ideal battery size and set up for your energy needs.

# Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are the foundation of a solar power system. We offer the most efficient, convenient solar inverters to convert the energy produced by your solar panels into usable electricity. At Powertex, we’ve found the best solar inverter manufacturers to partner with to ensure we provide cutting-edge solutions that offer maximum yield and long term results while being aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

# Sustainability

Building a Sustainable and Ecofriendly Future

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support for a minimum of 10 years, including power output monitoring, remote fault investigation, ongoing cleaning and maintenance, electrical inspections, and installation warranties.

Quality End to End Service Service

When you work with our team of experienced solar technicians, you can expect to be supported from the first time you contact us to years and years after the installation process. With our dedication to our customers, we are Perth’s premier provider of solar power solutions.

Accessible for Everyone

To make solar power solutions accessible to all businesses, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of flexible financing solutions, including Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

$0 Upfront Cost

Power Purchase Agreements allow your business to enjoy the benefits of commercial solar systems with $0 upfront. Ask us today to learn more about choosing a solar PPA to get your business started with a commercial solar system.

# Why Choose Us

Why Powertex

With the highest specifications, unmatched quality, and impressive design, Powertex Advantage has successfully helped customers take advantage of solar power solutions throughout the North and South West regions as well as in Perth.

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers find a solar power system that matches their budget and energy needs. Our solar installer team works closely with WA building companies and Western Power / Synergy to help customers take advantage of sunny days, generous solar rebates, and technological advances in solar power.

# Past Projects


Hick’s Dairy in Denmark is one of only a few automated milking systems (AMS) dairies in WA. It has three DeLaval VMS box robots that can milk about 220 cows through four out-of-parlor feeders and four automatic drafting gates at the height of the season.

The dairy consumed an average of 108MWh of electricity per year.

Powertex analyzed the data with its sophisticated power modelling software and advised a system that would pay itself off in less than 3 years.

Recent bills for Hick’s Dairy have shown that the solar PV system should pay for itself in less than 2.5 years and save more than 60% on utility bills.

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    From schools to farms to various businesses, we provide full-service solar power solutions throughout Perth, Perth’s South West and Great Southern. Browse some of our successful commercial solar systems, off-grid solar solutions and residential solar power solutions to learn how we can help you harness the power of the sun for your own property or business.

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