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Living Off Grid

Off Grid Power Systems

Off-grid solar systems are not connected to the electrical grid, creating a stand-alone power system. Advantages of an off-grid solar system include being independent of the grid, eliminating power bills, and putting homeowners, farm owners, and businesses in complete control of their energy needs.

How Does It Work?

We Offer A Specialised Service

If you are interested in living off the grid, disconnecting, and being completely self-sufficient, we have an off grid solar setup to meet your needs. Off grid solar can work to power small or large homes, new or existing homes, vacation homes, farms, or businesses — all without any power bills.

Accurate Power Assessment

Using state-of-the-art technology, our expert solar technicians determine your specific energy usage in order to create the most efficient off grid solar setup for your power needs.

Location Analysis

We also analyse the location of your property to determine the amount of energy available during certain days and times of the year. This allows us to create the most efficient off grid solar system possible.

Design and Build An Ideal Off the Grid Solar System

Once we determine your energy needs and assess your location, we develop the solar panel, back up generator, and solar battery storage combination that will best suit your energy needs, budget, business needs, or lifestyle.

Specialised Services

Off Grid Solar Specialists

With over 10 years of experience planning, designing, and building off the grid solar systems — both residential and commercial — throughout Western Australia, our team of solar experts can help you begin your journey to switching to off grid solar.

Whether you are building a new home, want to power your farm with clean energy, want a business that runs on renewable energy, or want to convert your current home to off the grid, our solar technicians have the experience, equipment, and industry connections needed to make the process as smooth and affordable as possible.

Off Grid Solar Living

Stand Alone Solar Systems

Off-grid solar systems, also known as stand-alone power systems, utilise solar batteries to store energy. An off grid solar setup allows users to be completely free from relying on the electrical grid.

Stand alone solar systems are ideal for users who are interested in off grid living in remote areas or homeowners or business owners who want to be completely self-sustainable and free of monthly power bills. Our off-grid solar systems are ideal for generating reliable, free electricity in a wide variety of situations, applications, and locations.

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Our Off Grid Solar Systems are custom built, and designed specifically to fit your requirements. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you, and your off-grid solar requirements.

How Does It Work?

How Does Off Grid Solar Work?

Off the grid solar systems work by producing energy without requiring a connection to the electrical grid. Off grid solar harnesses the power of the sun’s rays to create clean, renewable, free energy. With lithium battery storage, excess energy can be used at night, as a source of backup power, during power outages, or sold back to the grid.

off-grid solar system

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Off-Grid Solar Case Studies

From schools to farms to various businesses, we provide full-service solar power solutions throughout Perth. Browse some of our successful commercial solar systems and residential solar power solutions to learn how we can help you harness the power of the sun for your own home or business.

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