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Benefits to Your Business

Commercial Solar for your Business

Some benefits for your business include:

  • Clean, renewable energy
  • Drastically reduced (or eliminated) electrical bills
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • An investment in the future of your business
  • Almost instant ROI
  • Improved business operations
  • Improved community image

What is Commercial Solar

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, and being completely self-sufficient, we have a solution to meet your needs. Commercial solar panels can work to power small or large businesses, farms, or other larger scale  — all without any power bills.

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Commercial solar is especially beneficial for businesses that rely on 24/7 energy, such as cold food storage, manufacturing, printing facilities, and more. We can help your business make the switch to clean, renewable energy with our range of custom solutions and full-service installation.

Our Easy 4 Step Process

Our easy four step process ensures a fast and effective switch to benefit your business. We handle all the details, including design, development, obtaining permits, scheduling inspections, and long-term support.

Energy Assessment

Our expert technicians will perform a thorough analysis of the energy use of your facility and develop a detailed energy usage profile to determine the ideal commercial solar panels.

Site Analysis

Our professional experts will analyse your location and facility to determine the ideal solar technologies and set up to ensure maximum efficiency and the shortest payback period.

Financial Analysis

Our experienced financial analysts will review your budget and finances to determine the most cost-effective system for your business and the fastest return on your investment.


Our experienced team of experts and industry experts have successfully installed commercial solar panels throughout WA and are ready to help your business experience the benefits of our service.

Cut Your Business Expenses

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

Commercial solar panels are a guaranteed way to cut your business expenses and raise profits. Eliminate electrical bills every month by taking advantage of the clean, renewable energy offered by the sun.

As Australia’s premier provider of full-service commercial solar installation, we’ll work closely with your business to determine a solution that guarantees a fast return on your investment. We’ll work closely with you to help you take advantage of the various incentives and rebates offered by the Australian government too.

Commercial System Specialists

We are Australia’s commercial solar system experts and a premier provider of full-service solar solutions throughout Perth and the South West of WA. Our experienced commercial solar technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with commercial solar panels that match their business needs and budget to provide long-lasting, cost-effective solutions with maximum benefit.

We work closely with you to make sure the entire installation process goes smoothly — with ongoing support even after installation is complete.

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Why Work With Us?

Help your business take advantage of the sun’s endless supply of energy with our custom solutions. We are a full-service solar installer, with years of experience helping businesses throughout WA reap the benefits of the sun.

From design to installation to maintenance and beyond, our team of experienced solar experts is here to ensure your business has a smooth, efficient transition to reducing your energy bills.

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