Solar panels installed on rooftop building.

Australia is known for abundant sunshine, making solar panels an ideal way to capitalise on an endless supply of free, clean, renewable energy.

If you’ve been wondering if a solar system would benefit your home or business, read on to learn about the top solar energy advantages.


10 Solar Energy Advantages

There are a variety of solar energy advantages that can be enjoyed by homeowners and business owners alike. Here, we’ll look at the top 10 benefits of solar energy.


1. Save Money

One of the biggest solar energy advantages is the amount of money that can be saved. By significantly lowering or eliminating monthly energy bills, solar panels can save a large chunk of money in the long run.

After the initial investment, solar panels take advantage of the sun’s free, renewable energy so you can enjoy free, renewable energy and minimal to no electric bills.

The amount you save on your bill will depend on your electricity usage and the size of your solar system.


2. Produce Clean Energy to Help the Environment

One of the best solar energy advantages is their minimal environmental impact. As opposed to fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gasses and pollution, solar energy has less of a negative impact on the environment.

The energy that is generated by solar panels:

  • Clean
  • Creates zero-emissions
  • Renewable
  • Does not contribute to greenhouse gasses
  • Helps save water (maintaining solar panels requires minimal water whereas nuclear power plants require high amounts of water for maintenance)


3. Low Maintenance

Another benefit of solar panels is the minimal maintenance required to keep them in good working condition. After the initial investment, there’s very little cost or effort that goes into caring for solar panels.

To maintain your solar panels, be sure to:

  • Clear any debris or snow from the solar panels as needed
  • Two to three times a year is generally enough for cleaning
  • Have them inspected by an expert on occasion to ensure no repairs are needed

Even though solar panels require minimal maintenance, our support doesn’t end after the installation process. We provide ongoing support for years to come to ensure you have minimal maintenance and issues.


4. Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • To produce electricity in areas that lack access to the energy grid
  • To power satellites in space
  • To distil water in regions lacking clean water supplies
  • To power anything electrical in your home


5. Excess Power Can Be Stored

Solar systems with batteries allow you to store excess power generated during the day to be used at night. This type of system is especially beneficial for homeowners who consume the most power at night.

Storing power allows you to rely on the energy you generate yourself rather than being dependent on the grid.

Close-up of solar panels.


6. Excess Solar Energy Can Be Sold

Along with storing excess solar energy, any surplus energy produced can be sold back to the grid for cash. So along with saving a significant amount of money on power bills every month, you can use your solar power system to make money.

Along with generating some extra income, you’ll be helping out your community by supplying clean, renewable energy.


7. Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing solar panels at your home can make it more appealing to potential buyers, should you ever choose to sell. Because there are so many benefits of solar panels, a home with a solar system installed is often viewed as more desirable and can sell for a higher price.


8. Off-Grid Living

Interested in off-grid living in Australia? An off-grid solar system can make that possible! A strong enough solar system can help you live in a more remote area, completely independent of the grid.


9. Efficient Energy Production

Energy demand is highest during the afternoon, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this time of peak usage, the price of electricity increases as well. The good news? This is the time when your solar system produces the most energy.


10. Noiseless

One of the lesser-known solar energy advantages is the lack of noise created by solar systems. Since they are often used in residential areas, the noiseless energy production will be appreciated by homeowners and neighbours alike.

Solar panels installation.


Interested in Learning More About the Benefits of Solar Power?

We hope our guide to the top solar energy advantages helps you decide if the benefits of solar power would be a worthwhile investment for your home or business.

As Western Australia’s premier provider of solar power solutions, we offer the highest quality solar products and unmatched dedication to our customers. Whether you are interested in residential solar, commercial solar systems, or off-grid solar systems, we are here to help.

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