Solar power involves converting energy from sunlight into electricity using solar panels.

With energy prices approaching record highs in Australia and growing concerns over the environment, millions of Australians have already made the switch to solar electricity.

With advancements in solar technology and the increased affordability of high-performance solar systems, solar power is more attainable than ever.

If you are interested in switching to solar power or building a sustainable home, you’ve likely heard about some of the main benefits of residential solar panels. Here, we’ll cover the top 7 benefits of residential solar so you can learn more about this renewable, clean energy source.


7 Benefits of Residential Solar Panels


1. Increased Home Value

Just as certain features and upgrades can increase a home’s value, a quality solar system can add significant value to your home.

Although the initial cost is a consideration, a solar panel system is a long-term investment that will likely appeal to buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. Because of the reliable energy, lower energy bills, and sustainable energy source offered by solar panels, buyers will likely pay more for your home in the event you list it on the market.

Although various factors impact how much more a home with a solar system can sell, studies indicate that buyers pay more for homes with solar panels. As reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, energy-efficient houses can sell for up to 17% more, attract more interest from buyers, and sell faster.


2. Reduced Environmental Impact

A solar power system can prevent tonnes of carbon emissions every year, making solar power one of the most environmentally-friendly energy sources.

For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of generated solar, greenhouse gasses and other pollutants are significantly reduced.

Environmental benefits of solar panels include:

  • Provide a sustainable source of clean energy
  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Reduce water consumption
  • After they are manufactured, solar power systems generate zero carbon emissions
  • Produce renewable energy (as long as the sun is shining, an endless supply of solar energy can be harnessed)
  • Reduce air pollution and improve air quality
  • Reduce your carbon footprint


3. Reduced Monthly Electricity Bill

One of the main benefits of residential solar is the reduction in monthly electricity costs. As soon as your solar panels are up and running, you can start enjoying lower monthly electric bills.

Your exact savings from a solar power system will depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • The size of the residential solar power system
  • Household electricity consumption
  • Angle, size, and orientation of the roof
  • Hours of direct sunlight
  • Local electricity rates


4. Take Advantage of Government Rebates

Buying a new solar power system in Australia allows you to take advantage of various government rebates. These solar rebates can reduce the cost of your new residential solar system by thousands of dollars.

To be eligible for residential solar rebates, your residential solar panel installation must be completed by an accredited installer and must feature components that have been approved by the Clean Energy Council. If you have any questions about government solar rebates, we’d be happy to talk with you and explain the different options you may be eligible for.


5. Get Paid for Excess Solar

Along with a significant reduction in your monthly electric bills, a solar system can also make you money. When you take surplus energy that has been generated by your solar panels and exports it to the electricity grid, you can receive a feed-in tariff.


6. Low Maintenance

Once your residential solar system installation is complete, you can expect minimal maintenance. Aside from replacing the inverter after about 10 to 15 years and occasional servicing, your solar panels will produce clean, renewable energy that you can simply sit back and enjoy for many years to come.

Quality solar panels can last up to 25 years, possibly even more under the right conditions and with occasional maintenance.


7. Reduced Energy Independence

Solar panels, especially when combined with a battery, reduce your dependency on the electricity grid. By storing excess energy for later use, a solar battery system can help you become independent of the electrical grid.

Whether you want to store energy to use at night or during a power outage, a solar power system can help you produce your energy, provide backup power, and reduce your reliance on the electrical grid.

Buying solar for your home may be the perfect solution to rising electric bills.


Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Residential Solar?

Powertex Energy Solutions is proud to have helped hundreds of Australian homeowners enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Our team of solar experts offers comprehensive solar power solutions for residences throughout Perth, including initial energy analysis, system design, installation, and long-term maintenance.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of residential solar, our simple 4 step process can help you make your switch to solar affordable, fast, and easy:

  1. Detailed Consultation – When you inquire about residential solar panels, our team will complete a thorough evaluation of your roof alignment, location, and energy consumption and design the most efficient solar system setup for your residence.
  2. Design – After we develop the ideal solar system setup that matches your budget, location, layout, and energy needs, we’ll explain all the details. We’ll cover the design, and total cost, and answer all of your questions.
  3. Installation – Once you approve the design plans, our expert technicians will complete your residential solar panel installation efficiently and quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits of solar as soon as possible. Along the way, we’ll keep you in the loop through every step of the process so you know exactly what to expect.
  4. Ongoing Support – Our support doesn’t end after your residential solar system is installed. We stand behind the quality of all of our products and services and offer ongoing support for years after installation is complete.


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