Solar panel efficiency measures how well a solar panel is able to convert sunlight into electricity.

Did you know millions of Australian homes have solar panels? With Australian homeowners choosing solar panel systems in record numbers, it is no surprise businesses are showing an increased interest in commercial solar panels.

If you’re curious about the benefits of commercial solar and if it would be a good fit for your business, one of the most important considerations is solar panel efficiency.

Here, we’ll answer the widely asked question, “How efficient are commercial solar panels?”. Our goal is to help you determine if commercial solar is right for your business and how to choose the most efficient commercial solar panels.


What Is Solar Cell Efficiency?

A solar panel’s efficiency is measured by how much sunlight it can convert into usable energy. Solar panel efficiency is determined by a variety of factors, including the max power output of the panel, total panel area, location, climate, and more.


How Efficient Are Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial solar efficiency varies based on the solar panel brand, location, and a variety of factors. The majority of solar panels boast a 17 to 19% efficiency. This may seem low, but it is a significant advancement in efficiency from just a decade ago.


The Importance of Commercial Solar Efficiency

The more efficient your commercial solar panels are, the more clean, renewable energy they can produce and the more your business will benefit.

Advantages of high commercial solar efficiency include:

  • Increased total energy output
  • More consistent energy generation
  • Potential for fewer panels needed, allowing for a decreased requirement for roof space
  • Faster payback
  • Even further reduction in environmental impact
  • More electricity output, even in less ideal locations or conditions

Solar panels can be wired in series and in parallel, and the different wiring configurations have an impact on how your solar panel system will function and how much power it can produce.


Factors That Affect Commercial Solar Efficiency

Australia’s ample sunlight and high level of solar radiation per square metre make it ideal for taking advantage of the sun’s clean energy. However, many factors need to be considered to ensure maximum commercial solar efficiency.

Key factors that determine commercial solar efficiency include:

  • Solar panel material
  • Irradiance
  • Climate
  • Geography
  • Inverter efficiency
  • Panel orientation
  • Wiring of the panels
  • Location
  • Cell shading
  • Time of the year
  • Average hours of sunshine per day
  • Ambient temperature (higher temperatures do not always equal increased efficiency)
  • Dust or dirt
  • Panel maintenance and condition (routine inspections are key to ensuring maximum solar panel efficiency)


Other Factors When Choosing Commercial Solar Panels

With so many solar panel brands available and rapid changes in solar cell technology, it can be an overwhelming, complicated decision to determine which solar panels are best for your business.

Our team of solar experts will evaluate your needs to ensure your business is set up with the most efficient commercial solar system possible.

Along with choosing efficient commercial solar panels, we’ll help you consider other important factors, including:

  • The cost of the solar panels per square metre
  • The lifespan of the individual solar cells
  • Style and aesthetic preferences
  • Space requirements
  • Solar storage battery systems, if necessary
  • Warranty
  • Payback period

We’ve been successfully helping customers all across WA determine the best commercial solar solution for their business and we would love to help you do the same. We help customers match their budget and energy needs with a solution that is designed to provide maximum benefit.

We offer ongoing support, including a minimum of 10-year product and installation warranties, to ensure you are achieving the highest benefit from going solar.

The actual amount of electricity produced by a solar panel is highly dependent on external factors and the quality of the installation.


Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems?

There are many benefits of commercial solar systems, including reduced business overhead, improved operations, significant energy savings, and a reduced carbon footprint.

At Powertex Advantage, we pride ourselves on being a premier provider of full-service commercial solar systems in Australia. We stay up to date on the latest market developments and technological advancements to make sure we help businesses invest in the most efficient commercial solar systems.

Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your investment in a commercial solar system. We’ll analyse your energy usage, complete detailed economic efficiency calculations, and ensure you understand the entire process, payback time, and all the details from planning to installation to maintenance.

Please contact us with any questions or for a free, no-obligation quote on a commercial solar system for your business.