Solar panels on rooftop.

Think solar for commercial buildings are just for huge companies? Whether you run a small business or a large company, all businesses can benefit from a commercial solar system.

With numerous proven benefits, solar panels for commercial buildings can transform the way you run your business. Here, we’ll cover the top 15 benefits of a commercial solar system to help you decide if your company would benefit from switching to solar.


What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Solar System?

1. Return on Investment

One of the biggest benefits of a commercial solar system is the return on investment it provides. After the initial expense, the investment will pay itself back through decreased energy bills and overhead costs.

Generating your power for your business allows you to buy less power from the grid and save money each month. Once you save enough in energy costs to match the initial cost of your commercial solar system, your system will be paid off and any future money saved will profit your business.


2. Decreased Operation Costs

Running a business costs a significant amount of money, leaving many business owners looking for ways to decrease operational costs. Operating a business almost always involves running power every day and throughout the night in some cases.

A commercial solar system increases the efficiency of your business, allowing you to create free energy and instantly decrease the cost of running your company.


3. Sell Excess Energy

Solar for commercial buildings is gaining popularity thanks to advancements in solar panel technology and larger systems. These larger commercial solar systems allow business owners to sell excess power to the grid, meaning solar panels for commercial buildings can save *and* make money for your business.

The energy you produce and sell can then be used by your local community, allowing you to be proud that your business is helping your community run on renewable, clean solar energy.


4. Increased Future Financial Confidence

No one knows what the future will bring in terms of energy costs, making it next to impossible to predict future operating costs for your business. Installing a commercial solar system makes it possible to predict future energy bills and set a clear budget rather than worry about fluctuating energy prices, inflation, and billing spikes.


5. Increased Property Value

Solar panels for commercial buildings can have a positive impact on property value. Often, companies with commercial solar systems have a higher value and sell faster than companies that don’t.

By investing in a commercial solar system, you can increase the value of your property while saving your business money.


6. Reliability

Besides significant savings in overhead costs, a commercial solar system gives you the peace of mind of having a reliable electric supply for your business.

For areas where a consistent source of power is crucial, such as cold storage, a commercial solar system can ensure you always have reliable energy. Solar panels for commercial buildings can help your company be self-reliant and protected from lapses in the electrical supply. By storing electricity using a battery system, backup power is always available, including during the night or during electrical outages.


7. Environmentally-Friendly

If you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help protect the environment, a commercial solar system is highly worth considering. Solar panels for commercial buildings provide energy that is:

  • Free
  • Clean
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Free of the negative effects and harmful gas emissions produced by burning fossil fuels and oils

Selling the excess energy produced by your commercial solar panels can help the environment even more and benefit your local community.

Solar energy panels installation.


8. Improved Public Image

By working to be more environmentally friendly, a commercial solar system can improve your business’s reputation in the community and boost your public image.

Solar panels for your business show your community that your company is considerate, eco-friendly, and working to support the environment by harnessing clean, renewable energy.


9. Lead by Example By Switching to Solar Power

Commercial solar panels set you apart from other companies and will hopefully inspire other local businesses to follow in your steps. By installing a commercial solar system, your business is leading as an example for caring about the environment, promoting renewable energy, and reducing the carbon footprint of your business.


10. Government Incentives and Solar Rebates

Businesses that install commercial solar systems can take advantage of a variety of government incentives and solar rebates. These offers are financial discounts that reward companies for installing commercial solar systems by offering money back or money toward installation costs to help make solar power more affordable.


11. Tax Credits

Along with financial incentives and government rebates, companies can also benefit from a variety of tax incentives that come from installing a commercial solar system.

Rather than waiting for several years, instant asset write-off allows businesses to claim these tax benefits right away. Feel free to contact us to learn about the current tax credits your business is eligible for.


12. Increased Affordability

The cost for commercial solar systems has decreased significantly in recent times, making solar panels more affordable than ever for your company. The various tax credits and rebates discussed above can make solar panels for your business even more affordable.


13. Low Maintenance

Another benefit of commercial solar panels is that they are almost maintenance-free. Solar cells are encased in sturdy, protective glass and non-corrosive aluminium frames that can stand up to the harsh Australian elements. They are also noiseless, so there is no need to worry about bothersome noise for your employees or customers.

Along with extensive warranties and ongoing support from our team, a solar commercial system is low maintenance and meant to last for years and years. To keep your solar panels working their best, simply clean them if they collect any soil or dust and contact us for occasional inspections.


14. Support Your Local Economy

Along with generating new, well-paying jobs, solar panel installation increases the demand for local labour. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is reducing operating costs, supporting the environment, and helping to support your local economy.

Checking solar panels.


15. Wide Range of Solar Products to Choose From

Another benefit of solar panels for your business is the huge range of different solar panel products available. Whether you need a solar power solution to run a massive business or a budget-friendly system for a small business, we can help you find the ideal option for your company’s energy needs and budget.


Is a Commercial Solar System Right for My Business?

Want to learn more about how a commercial solar system can benefit your business? Contact us for a free site assessment. Our team of solar experts has over a decade of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing residential, off-grid, and commercial solar systems throughout Western Australia.

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions, help you calculate the energy needs of your business, and determine if solar panels for your commercial building would be advantageous for your business.