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Solar Panels

Limitless Supply


The sun’s energy is a limitless supply and a free resource to us all. As prices never fluctuate, solar power is a reliable source of energy for your home.


How Solar Works

Sunlight Absorption

Solar panels capture sunlight (ultraviolet rays) and generate a Direct Current (DC) using photovoltaic cell technology, which has been optimised over years of research. The greater the intensity of the sun, the greater the current of electricity, however solar panels will still absorb sunlight even on cloudy days.

Solar Inverter

Once the solar power flows in a circuit through to the solar inverter, the system will convert the DC electricity into an Alternating Current (AC) of electricity, which can be safely used around your home.

Excess Power

Excess power generated will be fed through your utility lines and sold back to your local utility company.



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Commercial SOLAR

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Residential SOLAR

Take advantage of the sun's unlimited
supply of energy today, all guilt free.

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Off Grid SOLAR

Run your home free of utility companies with 100%
of your electricity derived from solar energy.