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Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a piece of equipment that converts direct current into alternating current. In other words, the solar inverter converts the electricity produced by your solar panels (DC) into electricity you can use in your home or export to the grid (AC).

The very heart of your solar system, the inverter also controls the voltage of the system to effectively extract the maximum available power. It is also responsible for providing reports to your screen via bluetooth or internet, so you can see how your solar system is performing at a glance.

Here at Powertex, we partner with the very best solar inverter manufacturers to provide solutions that offer maximum yield and long term results while being aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. The following manufacturers stand out to us.



Fronius SnapInverter

The country’s leading inverter is manufactured by Fronius, a company that stands for both quality and innovation when it comes to power electronics. One of the most technologically advanced inverters available, the Fronius SnapInverter is made in Austria and comes with extra features as standard.

SMA Solar Inverters

Designed and manufactured in Germany, SMA inverters for commercial and residential solutions are renowned the world over for quality. SMA sets the benchmark for solar inverters: leading edge efficiencies of 98 percent and technology that ensures maximum yield and user convenience.


Based in Israel, SolarEdge is well respected in the industry as a result of producing the most reliable and cost-effective solar inverters on the market. Currently serving more than 90 countries, the company distributes from 11 locations across the world and is proud to have exported around 3.4 Gigawatts of inverter systems since 2006, when they began.

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